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Incredible Nintendo GIF Montage Turns Nostalgia To Art

Wyatt Otero November 18, 2016 November 18th, 2016

Once again, the Nintendo memory-lane has been paved with gold.

After the NES Classic Edition flew off the shelves faster than a rocket-propelled cheetah, everyone is looking for a little piece of their Nintendo developed childhood. Recently a multitude of artists and animators got just that with a project curated by Jerry Liu, in which everyone animated GIF versions of their favorite NES games. They call it Back To Bits and the first stage -“Level 1” as Liu names it- is a collection of these interpretations that feature many of your favorite games and characters.

They are trippy, stylish, and unique.

Now a new video, entitled “NES Nostalgia,” has collected these GIFs into a super-fast, super-awesome montage that speeds through your childhood to a score by Wesley Slover. Check it out:

The best part is that although the video prominently features all-stars like Mario and Zelda, it also cuts pretty deep. Did you happen to catch that Paperboy tribute? Characters from Mega Man, Joust, even Tetris are featured.

Even in 2016, it seems the eighties aren’t going anywhere.

Source: AVClub