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Young Theft Auto: 11 Year Old Leads Police On High-Speed Chase

Selin Kilic November 29, 2016 November 29th, 2016

Honestly, this story is the epitome of, “This is why we can’t have nice things.” That mixed with, please don’t parent by sitting your child in front of the TV and young kids are dumb and therefore prone to doing dumb things.

Sure, everyone’s done some wacky stuff when they were younger, even dangerous stuff that they are glad to have walked away from, but this kid takes the cake.

Coming straight outta Vaughan, Ontario this 11 year old Ricky Bobby wanna be took a car and led police on a car chase – reaching speeds up to 120 km/hour. Apparently this speed racer, who had been playing Grand Theft Auto, decided that virtual reality wasn’t enough of a thrill, and wanted to see how it felt driving a car IRL. This is why the game is rated M for Mature people!!


Nonetheless, like a true GTA player, this Canadian kid (legend?) wasn’t ready to stop and give himself up to the police on his first go, allegedly the police had to stop the car twice. Shockingly, and happily, no guns or prostitutes were involved.

Apparently the first time around the car had stopped on it’s own and police began approaching the vehicle. However, instead of taking this as a sign from above to hit the breaks on the joy-ride, this ballsy youngster took off a second time and tried to outrun the cops before he was caught…again.

“We got more officers involved and were able to get that vehicle safely stopped without causing a crash,”Ontario Provincial Police spokesperson Kerry Schmidt said. “We got the driver out of the vehicle and shockingly, [it was] an 11-year-old kid who had just finished playing Grand Theft Auto at home and wanted to find out what it was like driving a car.”

What. An. Idiot.

“Here we have an example of a video game making kids try things without their parents’ knowledge or consent, just an absolute tragedy waiting to happen,” he continued.

Again, this is why we have content ratings on video games AND why Jackass had to put up an advisory before their show began. Do we really need to put DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME on everything? Will every child need to be submitted to the fate of Bubble Boy? Apparently so…

Please keep in mind, I’m not a fan of placing blame on video games and films because in reality, parents should be the ones who put their own rules in place. It is not the media’s job to censor things, it’s the parents, so while yes, movies and video games can influence children, they don’t “make” anyone do anything.

Either way, with this kid’s sweet skills, maybe we’ll see him on the track in a few years. We’re just glad no one was injured. Shake and bake!


Source: Motherboard