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The World’s Ugliest Dog Contestants Are Actually Kind of Adorable

Miri Malek August 16, 2017 August 16th, 2017

We think all pets are precious. From pupper to doggo, and every stage in between, they’re heckin’ adorable. Even the ugly ones. The most hideous of puppers gather every year for the internationally renowned Sonoma-Marin Fair’s Ugliest Dog Competition. And wow, there are some very ugly doggos out there! Here were some of the top performers from the 2017 competition, including the winner, champion Ugly Dog.

Moe, second place

Moe has perfected the casual, aloof model face that says “I’d rather be anywhere but here, but I’ll sit here if you take my photo.” You may be second place in the competition, but you deserve a spread in Vogue, Moe!

Rascal, finalist

Rascal’s a Chinese crested dog who doesn’t mess around when it comes to looks. That’s some serious shade you’re throwing, Rascal, but we still want to pet you and muss your ‘do!

Josie, finalist

Josie is another Chinese crested dog– there were a lot of them at this year’s competition– but she makes sure to stand out with a smile and her best pearls!

Jake, special mention

Jake’s another Chinese crested– by now, we’ve determined this to be the overall Ugly Dog breed. At first glance, he looks pretty normal, only moderately ugly, like a hairless, rat-tailed chihuahua. But he wears that bright blue diaper for a very special reason– to cover up his permanent erection!

And the winner is– Matilda!

Matilda is the most lovable mastiff. Her cheeks hang down so low, they almost touch the floor. Seems like you could tie them in a knot, or tie them in a bow. She has a habit of plopping down in the middle of walking– so when it was her turn to strut her stuff on stage, she got halfway there and just plopped on down. Obviously, her laziness and floppy demeanor won the hearts of the judges!

Can’t get enough of the ugly? Here’s a few past winners:

Quasi Modo, Winner 2015

Yoda, Winner 2011