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‘World’s Loneliest Dog’ Lands a Movie Role in the Truest Underdog Story Ever

Selin Kilic September 27, 2016 September 27th, 2016

In a very Matilda-rella (you know, Matilda + Cinderella) story, this adorable Staffordshire bull terrier pooch has finally got her fairy-tail ending!


Freya, an epileptic shelter dog had her life turned upside down when director Michael Bay caught wind of her story. Dubbed ‘The worlds loneliest dog’ after 6 years in Freshfields Animal Rescue Center, she was rejected by potential owners over 18,720 times.


Bay found Freya’s story heartbreaking and came to her rescue tweeting: “We gave the Loneliest Dog a role in Transformers.”

She’s now starring in a Hollywood blockbuster along with Sir Anthony Hopkins, slated to be released in June 2017.


Along with meeting some A-listers and frequenting glamorous filming sets, she’s finally found her loving forever home!


Watch a video on her success story here:

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