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Woman Arrested After Failed Attempt To Use A Slice of Pizza As I.D.

Audrey O'Brien November 22, 2016 November 22nd, 2016

Let’s be real: the best part of going out drinking in college was the drunchies.  I often used going out with my friends more as an excuse to eat mozzarella sticks at the end of the night than for the actual parties themselves.

Last week, one woman out in Northampton, Massachusetts wanted to have her drunchies and eat them too: while in line for a bar, when the bouncer asked to see her I.D. she simply presented him with a slice of pizza.

This, unfortunately, was not a self deprecating joke about having bad acne, but rather a move she genuinely hoped would grant her access to the bar. When the doorman shockingly turned her away, she slapped him. The police were then called to scene, and the woman was arrested.

Clearly what this drunk woman was going for.

I mean, I love pizza so much that it feels like it is a part of me and could accurately represent me on my license, but this is a bit over the top. It did, however, lead to a great police log, so, worth it?


I hope that poor doorman gets a raise for having to deal with drunken college kids who harass (and apparently assault) him for doing his job.

Remember, resorting to violence to get into a bar once described by a Yelp user as “one of the trashiest bars in Amherst” is never necessary. All the love and peace-za.

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