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Will & Grace Return to NBC with Whole Cast in Musical Trailer

Miri Malek May 19, 2017 June 6th, 2017

Award-winning hit sitcom Will & Grace is coming back to NBC this fall, airing primetime Thursday nights. Fans were dropped a tantalizing teaser a week ago, but with just a flash of the stars’ faces, it left them with an appetite for more, more, more. We see the original cast of Debra Messing, Eric McCormack, Sean Hayes and Megan Mullally, preparing for a scene. Now we’re bringing you the official trailer for the new season, which will have a confirmed 12 all new episodes.

Say whaaaat?!

The trailer opens with Messing and McCormack in the lobby of an NBC executive. Messing is scrambling to stuff her handbag full of “free” candy and magazines, while she bickers with her old co-star about signing the deal to bring the show back. He promises to show her “something else” to convince her the come back, and leads her into the elevator to reveal his surprise.

What follows is a series of nostalgic reveals, accompanied by a very campy musical number within the set of their old apartment. I’m not sure if we’re seeing McCormack and Messing or Will and Grace singing and dancing, and apparently they’re not sure either, as they oscillate between breaking the fourth wall and embodying their timeless sitcom personas.

The gang learns how to take a selfie

Of course, Karen and Jack are quick to enter the scene with some singing of their own, each with their signature cocktail and boy-toy. They seem to have never left the scene, living in the show for the past 10 years since it’s been on air. When will mentions the show, Karen and Jack both respond with a snort, “What show?… I think he thinks we’re doing some kind of show!” Well, yeah, guys, I think you’re back and you’re not just doing some kind of show, but one called Will & Grace. Watch the trailer below: