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We Need To Stay At This A Book Lover’s Paradise Tucked Away In The Middle Of Nowhere

Katie Cannon October 7, 2016 October 10th, 2016

For those of us who lust after rare first-editions and fresh new hardbacks alike, the quaint little guest house in photographer Jason Koxvold’s vacation home in upstate New York could be the perfect place to escape election season–and, god forbid, the next 4 years of a Trump-led America.

Nothing but a thicket of trees, the open sky, and a thousand (literally over one thousand) books to keep you company in this cozy box on the edge (ish) of the world.


Named the “Hommelig Rom,” which is Norwegian for “secret room,” the petite guest-house-cum-library would also make a stellar romantic getaway for you and your bookworm bae, with naught to do but bang and read. Dostoyevsky and Chill, amirite?


Koxvold is obviously a very successful and bougie photographer, as he enlisted the help of architecture firm Studio Padron to make this woodsy little dream a reality.

It’s v. tastfully decorated,  like a post-modern lumberjack’s lady-friendly bachelor pad, all done up in wood and flannel and furs–and, of course, wall to wall shelves of literature.



Per The Huffington Post, the selection includes everything from “design and photography, to military and economic policy.” Which, like–no mention of fiction? What the fuck? I was going to say something cutesy about how this “could be a perfect hideaway for Belle from Beauty and The Beast and her Prince whilst fleeing the bloody reach of the French Revolution’s Reign of Terror,” but Belle would definitely need some Jane Austen or at least Harry Potter up in here.
What do you think-is this a guest house worth visiting? Or would you be like, YO WHERE’S THE WIFI JASON?


Via Huffington Post