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Watch Your Favorite Disney Tween’s Priceless Outtakes

Selin Kilic November 16, 2016 November 16th, 2016

Some glorious human just posted all the hilarious outtakes from the Disney channel and it will make you cringe-laugh.

Show of hands: Who here remembers the wand-saber things that Disney stars used to wave around to create the mystical ears of the Disney trademark in the bottom corner of your screen? JK keep your hands to yourselves, but I’m sure there are plenty of you do recall the beloved episodic interludes and used to wonder about them. Well thanks to Twitter user @Hollylikeablvd, who posted this hysterically awkward ‘found footage,’ the incredible Wand ID mystery has been outed.

So lets all revel in the embarrassing tween-ness that we used to marvel at, because it’s pretty clear that the magic of Disney ain’t all that. As it turns out, this footage reminding us of our childhood is better than the actual reminder that YOU’RE watching Disney Channel…

Here’s Raven Simone, who’s just about had it after minute 1…

Here’s Hillary Duff who is awkward AF:

She really doesn’t get the fact that she’s not supposed to just make squiggles from the wand…

Here’s Lalaine, who is really aware of how weird this is, i.e. she is not enthused…note the “HIII…”:

But then Tia & Tamara Mowry were like REALLY into it, and super cute:

And their brother Taj who is just as animated as his sister when it comes to drawing:

Then there’s Jake Thomas who was driving the struggle bus:

Finally, here’s Beans being…Beans. The tweet caption pretty much sums it up:

If you’d like to grab some popcorn, please join me as I watch these on repeat. Check out this playlist of all 15 videos for more awkward behind the green-screen glory.

Source: HuffingtonPost