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(WATCH) Woman Knocks Over $200,000 Worth Of Art While Taking A Selfie

Marisa Winckowski July 24, 2017 July 24th, 2017

Captured on this incriminating security footage, a young woman accidentally destroyed an art installation at the 14th Factory in Los Angeles, worth over $200,000, in an attempt to take a good selfie with the piece.

In the video she is seen leaning near one of the blocks, and she seems to lose her balance,   knocking out an entire row of work in one swoop. Truly the saddest part, though, is when she desperately tries to pick up the piece she knocked over, as though that would undo her misstep. Not quite, but her intentions were pure.

The piece, ironically in a so-called “serene space” was assembled by Hong Kong-based artist Simon Birch, who was pretty forgiving of the unfortunate mistake, all things considered. “He had no plans of seeking any compensation from her, explaining that it was obviously just an accident. ‘It’s not a big deal and nobody was hurt,’ he added, also noting that the value of art is really in the eye of the beholder.” Could’ve been a lot worse.

In her defense, she’s clearly an admirer of the piece and had no intention to destroy it. And maybe it should have been bolted down- it seemed a bit too easy for the blocks to topple one another like a row of dominos. But perhaps I’m more sympathetic toward her because this is something I could easily see myself doing in public, as a fellow klutz. And this kind of thing has certainly happened before, such as the boy who accidentally punched a hole through a $1.5 million painting in Taiwan, or another selfie-taker in Lisbon who destroyed an 18th-Century Saint Michael Statue. Don’t feel too bad, girl. It happens to the best of us. Maybe through this, we’ll learn to put our priceless works of art behind something sturdy enough to defend against a clumsy tourist.