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Watch: Wes Anderson Drops New Short Film For H&M

Wyatt Otero November 28, 2016 November 28th, 2016

This year, it seems, if you aren’t making a movie then you better make a commercial.

Already we’ve seen David O. Russell produce a 12-minute silent black and white film ad for PRADA, and later we saw our beloved Spike Jonze nail a KENZO commercial much in the vein of his early work.

Now it looks like Wes Anderson is joining in too.

The Grand Budapest director whips up a short film for the holidays, that also serves as an advertisement for the swedish clothing company H&M. This commercial has literally ALL of your favorite Anderson tropes: perfect symmetry, Adrian Brody, excessive windows, lists of items, and that warm fuzzy sentimental feeling.

Watch “Come Together” below:

This certainly isn’t the directors first outing into advertisement. He has previously directed commercials for Prada, AT&T, Hyundai, Stella Artois, American ExpressSoftBank, and others.

And although any new frame of Wes Anderson work is greatly appreciated, what we’re all really waiting for is more info on his new film! The only things we know so far is that he will be returning to stop-motion animation (like Fantastic Mr. Fox) and that the film will be about dogs.

Goodbye for now Mr. Anderson, see you in 2018.