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Watch: Vegetarian Tries Meat For First Time In 22 Years

Wyatt Otero November 2, 2016 November 2nd, 2016

Stephanie Potakis, the casting director at The Onion, became a vegetarian in the fourth grade. Despite her large meat-eating Greek family, she says she made the decision to abstain out of respect for the environment and because she wanted to, in her own words “save the world.”

All that is over now.

After attending a ribs festival (what a vegetarian is doing there, Im not sure) and not having any eating options, she finally decided it was time to come to the meat side. So when Supper Club heard about this, they decided they would offer to reintroduce her in the greatest way possible:

One of Chicago’s finest steakhouses.

Watch Stephanie sprint away from her meat-eating virginity with a plethora of delicious looking meats. But the real fun, is her response. Check it out below:

She had way more fun with that than expected. Even some people who grew up carnivorous shy away from bone marrow, but Stephanie dove in, claiming that it’s her new favorite food! She loved every item that landed on her plate, stoked on a world of new (and apparently more) delicious flavors.

It seems that for Stephanie, life probably won’t ever be the same again.

It will be juicer.

Source: AVClub