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(WATCH) Seniors Fight Back in New Foo Fighters Video

Marisa Winckowski June 5, 2017 June 6th, 2017

There’s something very satisfying about watching senior citizens smash a car window and then aggressively vape next to it. After quite a hiatus, Foo Fighters have released a music video for their newest single “Run”, featuring rioting retirees against their dull and sedentary lifestyle and the creepy nurses they no longer wish to answer to.

The opening to the video shows an extremely bored and downtrodden old man in a dimly lit room being served a tray of peas and jello by a nurse in an old fashioned uniform and a hairdo that almost takes the shape of devil horns. The song itself, performed by the band made up to look like old men, starts out deceptively mellow. But as the song picks up, the geriatrics get hostile. Men in scrubs try desperately to keep them under control but the seniors are just not having it. The video is pretty hysterical, especially because so much of the chaos is interspersed with jokes- like the old man just smiling and praying among the carnage, the nurse trying to fight back by jousting with a cane, or the hipsters that get driven out of their car by screaming retirees. The fact that they have a VIP Coachella pass hanging on the car mirror is pretty hilarious- they’re definitely the type that the older folks understand the least.

The video is fun and ridiculous, with a decent song to go with it. We’ve missed you, Foo Fighters.