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Watch How Nikon Makes The Glass In Their Lenses

Wyatt Otero November 1, 2016 November 1st, 2016

In the world of glass, there exists fine art. And it’s pretty fine. Then there’s glass that humans need to see through, and that’s even finer. But then, there’s glass that modern-day computer sensors see through.

And that’s about as fine as it gets.

One of the top consumers of this type of glass is, of course, a company that makes lenses: Nikon. And recently, they released a film that takes us inside the factory that produces the actual glass used in their camera products.

Venture inside Hikari Glass factory, and go behind the scenes to see the creation of the elements that form a camera lens. To use a tired but true cliche:

It is as fascinating as it is beautiful.

“There are several things that set this company apart, including the fact that they are one of only a few plants that actually make optical glass, let alone from scratch. Furthermore, employees must adhere to strict guidelines to keep all elements made at the factory consistent, one of which guarantees a refractive index, a number that describes how light propagates through the glass, down to six decimal points to insure optimal accuracy.”

And to think, the earth, just plain dirt, is transformed by humans everyday into a material that gives us back our vision, and allows us to record history by the snapshot.

Source:  NoFilmSchool