[WATCH] Miley Cyrus Hangs Out Alone And Undressed In Some Pretty Places In The Video For "Malibu" | YUYU YUYU

[WATCH] Miley Cyrus Hangs Out Alone And Undressed In Some Pretty Places In The Video For “Malibu”

Shiksa Goddess May 12, 2017 May 12th, 2017

ALERT THE PRESS Miley Cyrus has rebranded! She’s done twerking on stage and racking up a laundry list of cultural appropriation cries. She’s shed her chrysalis and embraced her country roots. Don’t get me wrong, she’s still in the skimpiest of skimpy outfits showing her fans how much skin she has, but she’s doing it in more of a country-girl manner.

Her new video she’s kicking it by the water, rocks, moss and a waterfall in various states of undress. We get the intermittent glimpse of some balloon, a green field, and some light, Irish jig-like dancing. We’re also aforded a nice overview of her tattoos, particularly the ones on her hands.┬áThe song’s got an indie sound with a muted country twinge.

People are eating this up like the palatable attractive white-girl music it is. In one day the video’s already garnered 14 million+ views. Looks like someone’s getting a pay check. But what difference does it make to her? She was rich before she was born… She’s had a successful television and film career. Heck, her boyfriend’s rich as all hell too. She’s at the pinnacle of media wealth, influence, criticism and untouchability. She can do whatever the fuck she wants and still make a buck. Don’t get me wrong I liked Hannah Montana as much as the next guy. I was raised on 5 second acapella covers of “Achey Brakey Heart” by my parents. I’m not surprised by Miley’s success, I was expecting it. But I’m still appalled by how egregious the whole thing is, these rich, beautiful people getting to do whatever they want, however undressed they want to be (the more the better(?)) and then cashing out…always cashing out. More and more each day, week, month, year, century… I think i’m getting derailed here. But still, what the fuck is so special about this video?!!?

If you record a cover of this song with or without an accompanying cover of the video send it to a.bendich@asianmediarights.com and I’ll post it on our Facebook feed, though I assure you it’s not gonna get as many hits as the original and you’ll probably never make as much money as she has…even if you find something you’re great at or you love and do it for your whole natural life, even if you live for 110 years and work for most of that time…almost no one makes as much money as these superstars…but yeah give it a shot…send us your shit.