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(WATCH) Medical Student Gives Rickshaw Rides To The Elderly

Marisa Winckowski August 2, 2017 August 2nd, 2017

This week in heartwarming news, 20-year-old Scottish Medical student Fraser Johnston has been volunteering with Cycling Without Age to give rickshaw rides to senior citizens.

Cycling Without Age has been giving senior citizens “the right to wind in their hair” in Denmark since 2012. The move to Scotland was partially Fraser’s doing, after having worked with many elderly people who are limited in how often they’re able to go out.

“I’d done a lot of work in the community before to get people outside but we were struggling to get the elderly out,” said Fraser, “I had seen the work that the Cycling Without Age had done in Denmark and thought that it would be a perfect way to reach out to pensioners over here. A lot of the elderly people we’d spoken to had not even seen the Kelpies despite living only a few miles away from them.”

It particularly helps with mental stimulation of those suffering from dementia- “So I’ve taken a few out at the weekend and while we were travelling they saw things outside which helped rejig memories from their past.”

Truly the cutest thing in this video is when the two ladies in the rickshaw say “whee!” right before their takeoff.

Seniors are likely suffer from depression and loneliness when they are under-stimulated, and there isn’t alot to do outside in nursing and retirement homes. Fraser has noticed a transformation in their overall mood since beginning this project: “When they get back to their care home they’re more sociable and it helps improve their overall quality of life.”

Too adorable. Call your Grandma and take her to a park. And if you have strong enough legs, give her a bike ride there.