[WATCH] Live Out Your Dream Of Dating Shakira In The Sexy Video For "Me Enamoré" | YUYU YUYU

[WATCH] Live Out Your Dream Of Dating Shakira In The Sexy Video For “Me Enamoré”

Shiksa Goddess May 16, 2017 June 6th, 2017

Everyone’s favorite Lebanese-Spanish Colombian singer, Shakira, just turned 40 in February, and her hips are still telling the truth. In her new video for “Me Enamoré” she has a sexy, playful romp with her (mostly) faceless lover. The video is shot almost entirely from the point-of-view of her romantic interest, so it’s ideal for your unrequited fantasies. What starts as a morning after, survey of the damage evolves into a truly wild time, involving trespassing, pretty scenery and skydiving. The video culminates in a bedroom food fight and the big reveal of her boyfy’s face.


Technology, media and consumerism have gone much too far. The male gaze is now unsubtly prepped and packaged into bite size music video form. Don’t believe me? Check out this gif from the video:

I swear, people, the perversion knows no bounds. Why encourage the youth to conform to and partake in this objectification when we could just as well liberate ourselves from the oppressive force of the gaze in favor of self affirmations, queer empowerment, and other consensual exchanges that do not explicitly re-enforce the old ways of living and thinking.

However, I’m grateful for the transparency that this video’s director has employed. There’s no ifs, ands or but(t)s about this video’s powerful re-affirmation of the power of the male gaze. Maybe, just maybe, this video is aiming to elucidate the objectification that’s always present in music videos. Maybe the point is to remove the illusion that this sort of video is anything other than a peep hole for the viewer to see their favorite pop star in a scant costume. These sorts of voyeuristic videos don’t usually have the camera operator a a character, could it be that this is a work of revolutionary cinema? Showing us who is operating the kino-eye. I really fucking doubt it, honestly, this vibes like a softcore porno minus the sex.

But hey, isn’t it ironic that I’m ranting here of all places? In an article clearly designed to entice people who want to pretend they’re gittin it on with Shakira? Is this some sort of ultra-meta satire that’s going over everyone’s head? Maybe I, like the director of this video, am trying so hard to subvert an oppressive force that I’m engaging in it and reproducing it. Fuck you, Shakira rocks, I’m sure she had a say in this video’s content, consented to having her butt grabbed and actually jumped out of a plane, right?! Help! I don’t know what’s real anymore, what’s sincere, what’s political commentary and what’s just earnest misogyny. I do know that a camera can be used as a weapon, I know that it requires depravity and often (simulated?) violations of (consentingly?) objectified people’s bodily and sexual autonomy to sell music and movies, I think I know a few things but who can ever be sure. I know myself but that is all-