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[WATCH] Katy Perry Is Food And Migos Are Rich In The Video For “Bon Appetit”

Shiksa Goddess May 12, 2017 May 12th, 2017

This week in collabs I wasn’t expecting… Katy Perry featuring Migos…What’s going on, world?! How did  we end up here? I was floored by Quavo and Justin Biebster on the same track, but this is something else! Everyone’s problematic fav pop sensation featuring the kings of trap music.

As far as the video is concerned, we are first introduced to Katy Perry as a plastic wrapped food ingredient. She is kneaded like dough by a circle of men. Next she’s thrown into a hot pot and cooked with a variety of other ingredients. Next we see the Migos seated with some money in a night club as the fully cooked Perry is served to some rich-ass motherfuckers. The bougie lame-os are then tied up and slaughtered by chefs, then baked into a pie for KP’s dining pleasure. Shit’s absolutely wild.


What do we take away from this? Perry’s body is, at first, treated as a commodity for consumption. Something to be kneaded, molded and altered for the consumer. She seems to be a happy and willing participant in this process. It appears to be something akin to spa treatment. When served to the rich people she’s playing dead, only to come to life after they are slaughtered. Could this video be a metaphor for the marxist revolution of the proletariat? Probably not, because KP is rich AF. Could this video then be a metaphor for the sexualization of female pop stars? Maybe?!

As for the Migos role…it’s pretty brief and in line with their other work. They’re seated above it all, surrounded by their riches. Male pop stars are less obliged to bodily sexualization. Their most erotic feature is that big stack of money.

Honestly though…what the fuck is this collaboration…like who came up with it? Who came up with this video and what did they mean by it. Also, where can I get a fat stack of money like Quavo has. I don’t just want one band I want hundreds. Don’t put me on your oversexed, objectified platter…just give me those fat stacks. I want it all from the rolexes to the Lexus. The difference with me is once I get all that power…the tallest most phallic stack of benjamins ever accumulated… I’m going to distribute it amongst the working people of this world. I will shatter the pedestal that bourgeoisie are mounted on, then I’ll use the shards to shards to destroy the patriarchy. So if you’re walking downtown on a sunny late spring day and happen to see fine shards of some glass ceiling raining down from the high heavens, don’t let it bring you down, it’s only castles burning.