[WATCH] Giant Women, Monsters and UFOs Rule The Road In Kendrick Lamar, Gucci Mane and Rae Sremmurd's "Perfect Pint" | YUYU YUYU

[WATCH] Giant Women, Monsters and UFOs Rule The Road In Kendrick Lamar, Gucci Mane and Rae Sremmurd’s “Perfect Pint”

Shiksa Goddess May 31, 2017 June 6th, 2017

In case you didn’t know, Atlanta’s superstar producer Mike Will Made It released his debut studio album, Ransom 2, in late March. The record is absolutely packed with guest vocalists including Lil Wayne, Rihanna, Pharrell and Future. Adorable duo Rae Sremmurd are featured prominently, consistent with Mike Will’s previous work. To many, the standout track from this release is “Perfect Pint” featuring Kendrick Lamar, Gucci Mane and Rae Sremmurd. All parties involved, except for Lamar, were featured on last year’s smash hit “Black Beatles”. Kendrick is absolutely on fire right now with the release of his fourth album Damn so this track is stacked with a hit-making dream team.

The track open’s with a slick-as-ever verse by Slim Jxmmi, he reflects on success particularly in relation to his consumption of ‘drank’ a drink made of codeine syrup and sugary soda.

Gimme some space
Two styrofoam cups, a pint of some drank
I’m the type of n**** that you meet at the bank
Grade A b*tches treatin’ me like a safe

The other half of Rae Sremmurd, Swae Lee, delivers the chorus in his genuinely angelic voice. Swae’s reflection is similar to Jxmmi’s, he’s come a long way since he started drinking lean…

Really wanna know
Hoping they come to life
‘Cause right there on the stairs is where
We poured our first perfect pints

Gucci Mane, the king of Atlanta trap music delivers the following verse. Guwop reflects on his history of drug dealing, his fame, his recent and lengthy incarceration and his new, lean-free life.

Rae Sremmurd, Gucci Mane, it sounds perfect to me
Now I’m back on top like I’m ‘posed to be
But I done poured so many pints that shit got old to me

Kendrick’s closing verse covers a lot of his usual talking points, while also sticking to the theme of the track. He boasts his fame, expresses his pride for Compton, his hometown, and points out the hypocrisy of gang affiliation. His verse is a fantastic addition to the ‘Black Beatles’ assemblage.

Double park on the curb, I can drive but I’m lazy
Half a pint, whole pint, gassed up, crazy, ayy


As for the video…it’s absolutely over the top. Mike Will drives a top down vintage convertible through the desert with Rae Sremmurd as passengers. They’re tossing money around and sipping lean. They are surrounded by all sorts of distortions on reality, giant tarantulas, tornadoes, massive paint cans, flying turtles, pills, and of course scantily clad women.

For Gucci’s verse, he’s floating overhead and out of reach in a space suit. Meanwhile his head flies by mounted on ufos, and giant clones of him stop around in the distance. Giant women ride by on kangaroos and loom over the road. Gucci is shot by a police traffic radar that shoots fire.

Kendrick appears in a flying convertible à la Back to the Future II. Giant monsters and women pass by, including one woman on a flying unicorn.

This is our dream…our fantasy. This is what happens when you do drugs or get famous or both. It’s a wild and amazing ride.