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Watch 10 Amazing Minutes of Kate McKinnon’s Ad-Libbed Outtakes from GHOSTBUSTERS

Katie Cannon October 26, 2016 October 26th, 2016

You’re likely already aware, but the mere existence of comedienne Kate McKinnon is a totally legitimate reason to wake up every morning. THANK GOD she won an Emmy this year, or I might have had to storm the ceremonies in a fit of righteous rage–or at least consider storming the Emmy’s whilst actually just angrily eating Pringles on my sofa.

Anyway, to say that Kate is great is a massive understatement. Not only is she amazing on SNL (and in all the other pre-SNL sketches I’ve scoured the web to find her in), but she’s clearly just as brilliant and hilarious on the fly, in her day to day life. Bitch doesn’t need a script. She’s got her BRAIN, and her CHARISMA, and her intense ANIMAL MAGNETISM.

Case in point: these outtakes from this summer’s all-female GHOSTBUSTERS remake, in which Kate immediately became everyone’s fave as the genderbent Jillian Holtzmann. But as hilarious as she was in the film, the movie couldn’t hope to include even half of her best moments–because she ad-libs, like, every other line. They just put her in front of the camera and let her work her magic. And magical it is.

Fittingly, the movie’s DVD extras decided to compile all of McKinnon’s best “outtakes” in one 10-minute reel that should probably win an Oscar itself.

She never breaks character. She never breaks a sweat. She just comes out with take after take of truly bizarre one-liners and deliciously weird character choices.

Alright. Let’s do this.

Via AV Club