The Extraordinary Adventures of Jules Verne S01E09 - Ep. 9 - Carpathians | YUYU YUYU

The Extraordinary Adventures of Jules Verne Ep. 9 - Carpathians

Season 1 Episode 9
Italy | 26 minutes

Director: Enrico Paolantonio

Jules Verne and professor Artemius’s team accept to travel to a baron’s ‘haunted’ Transsylvanian castle in the Carpathian mountains. It’s the HQ from where vampire bats terrorize the village, notably maidens. The French travel party is delighted by the baron’s generous welcome and his advanced mechanic technology. However his fascination for the professor’s daughter Amélie, whose voice resembles the baron’s late wife’s, takes a during akin to both Frankenstein and Dracula stories.

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