Sachie's Kitchen S01E08 - Unbelievable Pickled Vegetables | YUYU YUYU

Sachie’s Kitchen Unbelievable Pickled Vegetables

Season 1 Episode 8
United States (2017) | 23 minutes

Sachie visits Kyoto – from geishas to temples to fine crafts it’s the centre of Japanese culture, and its food is no exception. First stop is the famed Nishiki vegetable market in search of the amazing array of vegetable pickles on offer. Then it’s on to a local 3 Michelin star fine dining restaurant steeped in history: it’s been there for more than three hundred years old and the master chef is the fourteenth generation of his family to run the kitchen. The food is all about attention to detail – like a pickled nut marinated for more than seventeen years. Then it’s back to Sachie’s Kitchen to make: Chinese cabbage pickle with eggplant and conjee; fillet steak with miso butter and edamame puree; and pumpkin and chestnut tarts.

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