Sachie's Kitchen S01E07 - The Making Of Soy Sauce | YUYU YUYU

Sachie’s Kitchen The Making Of Soy Sauce

Season 1 Episode 7
United States (2017) | 23 minutes

Soy sauce is one of the main condiments in Japanese cooking so Sachie journeys to Chiba, the home of Yamasa Soy Sauce to see how it’s made. Yamasa has been making soy sauce for more than 350 years but they’ve got a new concoction which is totally 21st century – soy icecream. A slight detour from the Yamasa factory, Sachie meets two ladies who make soy rice crackers. Then it’s back to Sachie’s kitchen for three soy inspired recipes: seafood hot pot; honey soy spare ribs with prawn crackers; and soy caramel icecream with walnut.

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