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Design Touch Design Touch

Season 1 Episode 24
France (2019) | 26 minutes

It’s not easy to find a nice big place in Paris when one doesn’t have a nice big budget. One needs to be imaginative, even visionary. This is the case for Marie and Julien, who, one day, visited it and made it. Not even being scared to live in the attic with minimal ceiling height. How is it that you do not know Bambi Sloan? The decorator who’s signed with the new trendy spots in Paris like Le Derrière. No? The one who stirred up a storm at the very classic Saint James hotel. Ta-da! Let’s take advantage of this occasion to discover Bambi’s style. And maybe even copy it. She’ll explain it all to us! The word “mud” can also refer to the earth or clay used to make marvels like these lovely objects in porcelain created by “Mud”. What was initially a hobby has become a prosperous business that sells its products in the best stores in the world. Avid city dwellers caught in chlorophyll, must we undergo traffic jams every weekend just to regale in greenery? But there’s a new trend: a green city. Fewer cows, but more style. Welcome to the Mauvaises Graines (Bad Seeds). The Yes-No is our A-B-C, our advice for you, as your guide through the jungle of trends and as your light in the dark because today is all about lighting: floor lamps, lamps, and even XXL lamps. After a long walk on the beach in Normandy, what do we crave for? A cozy comfortable place. With hot tea and a butter cookies. We’re still in Normandy.

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