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Design Touch Design Touch

Season 1 Episode 22
France (2019) | 26 minutes

Michel Klein presents his new shop. There are clothes, furniture, and lots of objects that capture our attention. A kind of concept store where the concept is by him. They are six who met each other on the benches at architecture school and love above all to computerize and establish. The address is discrete, and so are the two owners. Two chefs, one a pastry chef, befriended while working in the same kitchen and decided to open their own establishment. Not much seating room, not much kitchen room, but a lot of care. And luxury which is not in the setting but definitely in the plate filled with great quality seasonal produce. Today is about a garden made like a lounge. This was the solution, found by landscaper from Fleurs du Bien, to make it more of a pleasant street of greenery. So we’ll have to kick it up a notch on décor since white furniture, bright white furniture, unforgiving white, of course, is clean and safe. Sure, it goes with everything and blends into the background. But it’s a bit of a snore-fest, right? No, don’t give up. Same for transparent furniture. You’ve heard the sigh of boredom? Colorless, invisible, and so unavoidable. Come on! Let’s do better than that! Let’s discover unexpected combos and start gathering stuff. Wonderful
stuff. Intriguing stuff. really weird stuff. Make a scene in your own home! To be in the countryside, Normandy is a nice choice. And when it’s beautiful out, it’s quite splendid. And when we get the chance to find a small spot in one of the two room at the Epicerie du Pape, it’s nirvana. At Karine and François’, we get all what we expect from a guest house: charm, coziness, and hospitality.

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