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Season 1 Episode 21
France (2019) | 27 minutes

Long time collaborator of Christian Lacroix, Sasha Walckhoff now runs the creation of objects at his own prestigious company. It produces a sort of bric-a-brac that’s orchestrated with class and humor: contemporary, classic, precious, and anecdotal. We want to check out all the objects. A sublime location. This ultimate Parisian spot lies between the Champs Elysées and Avenue Montaigne. Twelve of the greatest French designers and architects reunite for its decor. The entire decor takes an extreme makeover. A glamorous and brilliant event, organized for the second consecutive year by the magazine, AD, and the auction house, Artcurial. « Soupesoup » offers fast and comforting food in an attractive setting. This small restaurant chain’s concept is 100% Montreal, 100% healthy. Ten cult design furniture are set up in the outdoors. Interiors. Exterior. What’s to lose? Fortunately, we are here! Putting Corbusier outside, for example. Isn’t
that reasonable? “Dos and don’ts” are the top 50 of decor. It’s everything we’ll love to love, as well as everything that sticks out like a sore thumb… with no pity. Matali Crasset has a look like no one else’s. Not even Mireille Mathieu’s, unless she picked the wrong bob. But HI-Matic, located in the heart of a lively and popular Parisian neighborhood, is in the same league as her first attempt in Nice. We’ll help you out a bit as we bring you to this hotel that has it’s own lifestyle: Matali’s.

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