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Design Touch Design Touch

Season 1 Episode 14
France (2019) | 30 minutes

In Barcelona, artist Pepa Reverter knew how to turn the flaws of an old industrial space to his advantage: bright and colorful, but not too much. Jaime Hayon wows us. The Spanish designer has a taste for theatrics and games. When designing, he has a sense of humor you can’t just let pass you by. It’s so funny. One makeover, three moods and only two boxes. Our makeover artists must swiftly change a room’s look using very little extras. Awesome. The kitchen is gaining a more and more central role in the family. The RĂ©gent Grand Hotel in Bordeaux is a palace that is experiencing a rebirth. Gold and velvet, luxury and voluptuousness, the historical hotel was redone by Mister Too Much: interior designer Jacques Garcia. He really is sensational.

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