Archaeology S01E11 - Archaeology - A Quest For Gold | YUYU YUYU

Archaeology Archaeology - A Quest For Gold

Season 1 Episode 11
United States (1991) | 23 minutes

On June 7, 1576, Captain Martin Frobisher took command of an expedition to the New World. It was the first voyage attempted by an Englishman in search of the elusive Northwest Passage to the Orient. After a perilous Atlantic journey, Captain Frobisher arrived at a large bay in the remote Northeastern Arctic of the New World and decreed that he had discovered the entrance to the ‘Passage’. Frobisher also found layers of curious ore deposited along the coastline. The Englishman, unacquainted with this exotic but worthless mineral, somehow believed that he had discovered a hoard of gold. His fantastic error led to an equally fantastic sequence of events that ended with the massive English colonization of the New World. Through the use of first-person accounts from the Captain’s logs, Elizabethan etchings, on-location filming at archaeological sites in Canada, England, and the reconstructed village of Jamestown, Virginia, we will tell the tale of how and why it became absolutely necessary that the English establish a colony in the New World.


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