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Archaeology Archaeology - The Ancients Of North America

Season 1 Episode 9
United States (1991) | 22 minutes

Southeastern Utah is one of the richest and least disturbed archaeological areas in the Southwest. In 1990, archaeologists in this region discovered a dry cave/rock shelter with human remains. Only a small piece of sandal was removed in order to obtain a date on the site. Amazingly, the date was revealed as 5,490 BC. Utah’s desert climate and the cave’s dry soil conditions are near-perfect for preservation. This site offers scientists a unique opportunity to examine the culture and remains of a people more than 7,000 years old. What purposes did the cave serve in the lives of Utah’s earliest inhabitants? And just who were these inhabitants? How many burials will be discovered? What tools will we find at the site…and what will they tell us about their owners? As the excavation proceeds, we will answer these and many other questions about the lives of the earliest Americans.

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