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Archaeology Archaeology - Ceasar's Nightmare

Season 1 Episode 7
United States (1991) | 23 minutes

Sweeping aside nearly 2,000 years of doubt and mystery, on-going excavations in Germany’s Teutoberg Forest have revealed the location of one of the bloodiest battles of antiquity. In 9 AD, an arrogant Roman general, Publius Varus, anticipated that he would easily suppress several rebellious Germanic tribes, after which he could leisurely march his troops to their winter campsite. Unfortunately for Varus and three of Rome’s crack legions, he walked into an elaborate and well-organized ambush. With innovative computer graphics we will reconstruct how the battle may have been fought. Through evidence unearthed at the excavations, interviews with specialists, etchings, original illustrated graphics, and text narrated from the Roman historians, this episode will reveal the test of wills and tactics that led to one of Rome’s major military disasters.

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