My Secret | YUYU YUYU

My Secret

Mongolia (2010) | 102 minutes

Director: D. Galbayar

Tushig, director of a large corporation in Mongolia and his loving wife Khandmaa live with their sons Munkhjin and Enkhjin. Although living in a gorgeous house lacking nothing, the shadow of loneliness follows Khandmaa. Following an appearance of a guy named Altanginj in her life, an eccentric relationship ensues. But from that moment on, Khandmaa’s DISSOCIATIVE identity disorder starts worsening. For her husband Tushig to watch his wife worsening every moment, he has to choose between to fight this problem or to be patient with her. Khandmaa, knowing she has caused suffering in her family, suffers the most. But Tushig, proving the importance of being a husband, promised to fight for her until the end. In order to make Khandmaa happy, he reaches an agreement with Altanginj. Although agreed in for the money, Altanginj sympathizes with Khandmaa who’s fighting her disorder. But her disorder worsens every day and becomes more dangerous.


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