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Traveling over 30 mph? No more Pokemon!

Wyatt Otero October 19, 2016 October 19th, 2016


Don’t “catch em all” and drive. 

After a series of deadly (and non-deadly) car crashes thats been attributed to drivers playing Pokemon Go! Niantic Labs has announced that they have released an update for the app.

The update will make it impossible to catch Pokemon if you are traveling over 30 mph, by not allowing them to spawn anywhere near you. Previously, the app would warn you when you reached that speed, asking if you are a passenger or a driver. But after people lied…and then died, Niantic decided its not worth the risk.

The update, which will surely prevent future Pokemon-related fatalities, also poses a problem to those of us who live in the city. Because anyone who doesn’t drive, but still has to get to work (i.e. anyone who rides any form of public transportation) will also be barred from playing during their commute. And while at first it may seem that the fools who clicked “Im a passenger” while driving are choosing to take that risk, and that they shouldn’t ruin it for everyone, you soon remember that everyone else on the freeway did not.

And so really, it’s all for the best.

Because no one wants to die throwing an ultra-ball.

Source: VG24/7