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Tracking Coach’s Downfall: The Curse of the Early ’00s

Audrey O'Brien October 25, 2016 October 25th, 2016

If you have a vintage Coach bag (or get one on Etsy and Ebay), make sure to treasure it forever. You can’t get that quality anymore.

My mom gave me this bag fo' free. Suck it.

My mom gave me this vintage bag straight from her closet for free. Suck it.


The story of Coach is well all too many brands know: a decline in quality and stepping away from traditional. Using cheaper materials and appealing to quick trends may work in the short term, but customers do notice these things, and when they’re paying $500 for a bag they’re gonna be pissed if it falls apart within two years.

At the very least they’ll confront the minimum wage retail workers asking why the products are so expensive if the quality has gone done because the sales associates are DEFINITELY in charge of production which is why they get paid so much.

Not that I know from personal experience.

When did Coach’s downward spiral start? Vintage Coach bags won’t die no matter how badly you treat them, so what happened? To be blunt, the early 2000s happened. The 2000s were where fashion went to die, and the one period of time we should all pray there’s never a fashion revival for.

I just threw up in my mouth a little.

I just threw up in my mouth a little.


Coach transitioned to have more intricate (read: ugly) detailing for the bag designs, and incorporated mixed textiles. No more sturdy all-leather bags. (Plus, we all know that they really just wanted to appease logo-loving soccer moms.)

Fortunately, Coach has sort of realized their mistake. They’ve brought back some of their “Icon” bags, however they still have some overly designed purses. Apparently, traditional or “plain” bags are “not very attractive to many women these days.”

Well, I’m sorry that ugly bags are in style but we shouldn’t give in that easily. Coach won’t be getting any of my business anytime soon. (But mainly because I can’t afford them anyway. Shh).

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