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Toblerone Changes Shape To Outrage Of Many

Wyatt Otero November 9, 2016 November 9th, 2016

If you thought this last election has been rough, just wait till you hear what they did to your Toblerone.

The world’s favorite mountain-shaped chocolate bar is getting a little lipo…but not in the way you’d expect. Because of the rising costs of ingredients they have had to make some changes in the amount of product that goes into each bar in order to “retain value” and not have to raise the price. You can read their full statement on facebook.

But instead of just say, removing a mountain or two, they have decided to separate the peaks, which keeps the bars the same length but creates a really hilariously-awkward aesthetic.



And needless to say, people are upset.

Which makes sense, why would they try to keep the bars the same length while also reducing the content by 10%? What it effectively does, is make the consumer feel as if they are indeed being ripped off. If the bar was just a little shorter but the same price, people would understand that the company had to react to the changing market. Instead, people feel like the company is trying to trick them into thinking it’s the same, making it feel like a total scam instead of a reasonable business decision.

Not to mention it just feels wrong:


Uuuhhhhghhhh….sends shivers of strange dissatisfaction.

At least we always have the internet to put things into perspective:



Source: AVClub