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Throwback! Watch People Read Their Very First Facebook Posts

Wyatt Otero October 7, 2016 October 7th, 2016

This is gonna bring back some memories.

You know you’re a Millennial when a Social Media website can bring back fond (and sometimes embarrassing) feelings of youth, i.e. “Internet Nostalgia.”

It’s a term well fitting to Mashable’s recent video, in which young adults are asked to read their very first Facebook post. For some, its merely a sweet recall of a simpler time, a time in which a status update was reduced to¬†“…is feeling bored.” But for others, the memories are not so sweet. Most Millennials are young enough that their first post happened while still in High School, thereby making this whole task a practice in revisiting angst-ridden¬†times.

Regardless, its an illuminating trip down the internet’s Social Archive. An archive in which every thought, feeling, and interest is stuck in time, digitally etched into a universally shared history book, waiting like a frozen Walt Disney to be rediscovered an re-experienced all over again.

Check it out below: