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This Mom Sending Her Son A Box Of Trash Is Our Petty Hero

Katie Cannon February 22, 2017 February 22nd, 2017

There’s nothing like a care package from home to remind you about those loving parents of yours that you should probably call.

Or, you know, about the massive amounts of garbage littered all over your bedroom, you ungrateful money-sucking swine!

Such was the case for one young collegiate lad from Maryland, Conor Cox, who neglected to take out the trash as he’d promised during his last visit home. Weeks later, he received a package from Mom and assumed it held an assortment of sweet and useful little gifts–maybe some candy, or stylish dorm accessories.

Instead, it was box of trash.

Oddly familiar looking trash.

THIS, friends, was the garbage Connor was supposed to dispose of before he left to go back to Westminster College. That his mother subsequently MAILED to him in guise of a care package. Genius.

According to his sister, who decided it was her moral duty to eludicate matters after her bro tweeted a pic of his Box of Shame, it wasn’t even generic kitchen trash that he’d forgotten to dispose of, but garbage left on his bedroom floor.

Luckily Connor’s mom has a bomb-ass sense of humor, because apparently that wasn’t even the last of it. Connor admitted that there was even more secret trash stashed INSIDE OF HIS DRESSER DRAWERS.

Which, like. I understand being a slob, boy, but if you’re to bother to sneak it into a drawer why not take one extra step and literally toss it into a trash can?

And while the trash package was largely a joke, it was gag with a poignant punch line: CLEAN UP YOUR SHIT, I AM YOUR MOTHER AND I HAVE RAISED CLOTHED AND PUT YOUR ASS THROUGH SCHOOL. “His room should be left the way it was when he came home for Christmas break, which I cleaned before he came home,” she told Buzzfeed.

Anyway, moral of the story: Connor’s mom is hilarious. Connor is a bit of an idiot. Alas.


Via Buzzfeed