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This Guy Has Data-Driven Answers To All The Biggest Questions Posed By Pop Songs

Katie Cannon December 15, 2016 December 16th, 2016

“Do you believe in life after love?”

“Why can’t I breathe whenever I think about you?”

“Where have all the cowboys gone?”

There’s nothing pop songs do better than articulate the deepest, burningest questions of our hearts. JUST KIDDING–I have very rarely actually wondered about half the things pop stars apparently want to know about, and if I did, I’d probably just consult a search engine about them instead of breaking into song about it. But that’s why I’m very dull and definitively not a pop star.

Luckily for us, James Ball at Buzzfeed has decided to use the wide wonderful data-filled world of the Internet to actually answer some of these iconic rhetorical questions. He asked Twitter for their pop song queries and then did his best to answer them with cold. hard. facts. The results are pretty hilarious–but also, logical.

There were questions straight from the WebMB archives:


Important fiscal matters:

Some LinkedIn-worthy pleas :


Hypothetical nightmares:


Literal vs. metaphorical cardiac emergencies:


AP Physics test questions:


Interpersonal issues:


Legal matters:


And finally, the ultimate question:


Ball actually answered QUITE a few questions, so head on over to the original piece for even more pop enlightenment.

What pop song questions keeps up you up at night?

Via Buzzfeed