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This Emotional Support Animal Is No Quacking Matter

Selin Kilic October 17, 2016 October 17th, 2016

I have to say that personally I am a huge fan of pets on a plane. Please read pets as in not snakes, because I have similar feelings to Samuel L. Jackson on the latter. If these furry family members are coming onboard as ’emotional support animals’ all the better in my opinion. Why not add a floof to your journey and assist someone with an emotional or psychological disability simultaneously? That question was rhetorical, because obviously that’s amazing.

Most people think of emotional support animals as dogs, or even cats, but this hooman brought a feathery surprise for those flying to Asheville, NC last weekend.

So who was this winged crusader? Daniel the duck, who was seen sporting some pretty sweet Captain America pant(ie)s. Since he’s obviously the hero of this story, it makes sense:


We’re told by the owner that even though Daniel has several diapers, he always indicates that the captain America one is his favorite. (I guess he points and quacks?)  Which is pretty suiting as he’s clearly there to save his human’s day.


This 4 year old Indian Runner (an Indonesian breed) and certified emotional support duck can’t fly, so obviously he enjoyed looking out at the clouds as much as his owner probably didn’t:


Either way he was clearly super stoked to be there. Look at his little tail wag! It’s like he’s saying, “I’m so beaking excited to be flying!” Adorable.

If you would like to take a look into obtaining an emotional support animal, certifying your pet, or are not sure you qualify for registering for one, go here: NSAR

Source: Buzzfeed