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This Couple Dressed Up As Belle And Cinderella For Their Disney-Themed Engagment Photos

Katie Cannon September 30, 2016 September 30th, 2016

Cinderella’s found her soulmate–but it’s not Prince Charming.

That’s right. It’s Belle, bitches.

Allow me to introduce you to the most adorable gays in this Magic Kingdom we call America: Yolanda and Kayla Solseng of West Fargo, North Dakota, who tied the knot in true fairytale style earlier this month. But it’s their engagement photoshoot, which saw the two in full Disney princess regalia–Kayla as Belle, Yolanda as Cinderella–that’s granted them internet fame in their happily ever after.

These two are defying a limiting hetero discourse whilst embracing their femininity, and it’s fucking gorgeous and inspiring and #goals, etc. etc. Per Valley News Live, Yalonda proposed to Kayla by making a picture-book of their personal love story. “It’s always been a fairy tale for us,” said Yolanda (fucking AWWW), and now they’re hoping their photos will make another dream come true: changing the conversation surrounding LGBT marriage & families. Yolanda wants to write children’s books about “foster care, adoptive parents, grandparents taking care of kids, two dads, two moms”–all the unsung love stories that children aren’t typically taught to expect or appreciate. After all, happily ever after doesn’t always mean a princess in pink and a dude on a white horse–sometimes it’s two queens riding into the sunset, making bigotry their bitch.

Check out the gorgeous pictures!








We got to admit, we’ve got a lot of amazing lesbian Disney remake ideas running through our heads right now. Imagine: after Belle finds Cindy and returns her shoe/declares her undying devotion, you know she’s like–“but hey, these are super cute, can I borrow them?”


Congrats, Solsengs!

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