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These Manips Finally Give Us The Queer Disney Pairings Our Childhood Needed

Katie Cannon January 18, 2017 January 18th, 2017

As much as you may wish your life was a Disney movie–the gorgeous outfits! the timely musical numbers! the perpetually perfect hair!–you’ll have to admit that these otherwise delightful films all bear one fatal flaw: they’re so fucking hetero.

It’s 2017, and we’re sick of seeing our fave characters pair up with same old opposite-sex love interest and make the same old royal, fictional babies. In a cultural canon saturated with so much cuteness, you know that some of those animated ladies and gents have gotta be gay.

Like, super gay.

Thank God for Tumblr.

Twitter user @padmeamdla did the world a glorious gay favor this weekend and compiled a huge selection of manips and gifs that reimagine our Disney heroes and heroines with same-sex One True Loves from other films. No classic is safe from total gay-ification! No princess untouched by the pure urges of lesbian love!

Not only do the edits satisfy our LGBT needs, they’re setting our imaginations reeling with all sorts of fascinating and actually-totally-plausible AUs.

@Padmeamdla started with the Disney boys, dreaming up adorable pairings left our shippers’ hearts powerless to resist. Like Prince Naveen from PRINCESS AND THE FROG’s charming the pants off of THE LITTLE MERMAID’s Prince Eric:

I mean, we do know he’s a sucker for a set of pipes.

Or a newly transformed Adam from BEAUTY AND THE BEAST about to experience True Love’s Kiss with Aladdin:

Because you’d know they’d bond over their respective NO ONE UNDERSTANDS ME angst, and Aladdin’s boyish grin would totally soften Adam’s Beastly ways.

Then again–Aladdin with Hercules is also a supremely sexy couple.

They’d be bros, but they’d also definitely bone.

Then there’s this mash-up of ATLANTIS and TARZAN, wherein Milo totally retains his geeky explorer aesthetic, but instead of heading undersea, he’s traversing the jungle.

It’s actually too perfect.

Speaking of–the role reversal also totally works vis à vis Kida and Jane.

Jane’s exploring new territory in the literal sense, but also in her ~heart.~ SO MUCH TO LEARN.

Now let’s revel in how much we need this THE LITTLE MERMAID/LILO AND STITCH crossover, in which Ariel falls hardcore for surfer hottie Nani.

For a dose of hilarious Mulan-actually-has-no-idea-how-to-flirt realness, check out her reaction to Esmerelda’s sly advances:

For just straight up pretty girl on girl love, Meg and Jasmine are an excellent ship.

So much sass, yet so much sweetness.


But honestly, like, who isn’t Meg gorgeous with:

Meg and Esmerelda do NOT get enough love in the Disney ‘verse, but they’d be the most badass couple.


Oh, but what if Ariel were a river mermaid? Do those exist?

I don’t know. I don’t care. I just want it. They’d have literally ALL THE ADVENTURES.


But can you imagine a more determined couple than Tiana and Meg?

They’d absolutely be on the front lines of the gay rights movement, because they take shit from no one–especially white dudes and/or the Huns.

Jasmine and Pocahontas, of course, share more than just killer beauty–they’re both desperate for independence and freedom from the royal responsibilities that quash their individuality:

Although Pocahontas would also be adorable with Kida–if maybe a little pervy.

But don’t worry, Kida’s totally into it.

And even the raw sexuality would give way to total soft sweetness:


Although if Ariel made her way into the lost city of Atlantis, you know some serious splashy flirting would go down:

And Tiana and Cinderella would open the world’s best restaurant together:

And Tiana would totally see through Meg’s seductive bullshit and then totally fall for her anyway:

While Esmerelda and Jasmine have finally met their match in each other.

In the newer films, we’re crazy for Anna and Rapunzel–because they’ve both been so isolated and alone and just dying for something to happen to them.

They would have so much fucking FUN together.

While Elsa and Merida would say FUCK YOU to finding a king and instead unite their nations under two boss-ass queens.


Jasmine and Belle would appreciate that while neither of them is a prize to be won, they’ve totally won each other over:

And Belle would be totally wrapped up in Mulan’s adventurous war stories, and Mulan would love the way Belle always speaks her mind:

And finally–because Aurora hasn’t gotten much love–we’ve got to hand it to the unexpected adorableness of this couple, in which Aurora is a complete coquette and Mulan, again, has no idea how to cope:

Because lesbehonest, Mulan could’ve taken out that dragon with alot more  efficiency & panache than dear old Phillip.


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Who’s your fave gay Disney couple?