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These Curvy Pin-Up Disney Princesses Are Badass And Gorgeous

Katie Cannon September 29, 2016 September 29th, 2016

These aren’t your typical dainty Disney princesses. Instead of the super-skinny frames that could realistically only exist in animation, these pin-up portraits by artist Ashley Beevers boast killer curves and kick-ass tattoos. Who needs a guy on a white steed when you’ve got rollerskates?

We’re obsessed, and will be jocking their style immediately. Check ’em out:

A fully bootylicious Belle. curvy-disney-pin-up-illustrations-ashleigh-beevers-art-2-57ecb7ef5a40d__700


Tiana making the lily pad look hella luscious:



Merida sporting a high slit in the Highlands:



A human-sized Tink :



Ariel werking the water with a Katy Perry aesthetic (including full-support seashells):



Ursula looking ready to steal your voice AND your heart:


A decidedly average-sized Snow:


**not really sure she really qualifies as “curvy” but eh, I’ll allow it.

And Rapunzel rocking covetable volume in both her hair and her derrière:


If you’re like us, you want to plaster these pin-ups all over your walls and inspiration boards. Luckily, you can buy prints (or cute postcards) from Beevers on Etsy.


Via Bored Panda