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There’s Now a Fidget Spinner Bubble Bar

Katie Park August 7, 2017 August 7th, 2017 Fidget spinner bubble bar

It’s time to up your fidget spinner game. There’s now a fidget spinner bubble bar that you can buy at LUSH and it will make your entire bath experience even better.

It looks like this:

fidget spinner bubble bar

The bubble bar combines lemon, lime, and grapefruit oils to create a citrusy smell. According to the description on LUSH,

“If you’re feeling a bit fidgety, grab this foamer and have a fiddle in the bath. Hold under running water for bubbles of lemon and lime for brighter moods and clearer minds. Spin away your worries and allow the piles of citrus bubbles to soak up your cares. When you’re done, place it on the side and allow to dry out ready to spin on another fidgety day.”

Bubble Bar

Honestly, this just sounds amazing and I can’t wait to spin away.