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The Saga Genesis Is Officially Back In Production

Wyatt Otero November 9, 2016 November 9th, 2016

It has been announced that Sega is following in the footsteps of Nintendo, and re-releasing their classic, super popular console, the Sega Genesis. The 16-bit classic console is officially back into production, Geek reported on Monday. According to them, the Genesis is still one of the most popular consoles in Brazil.

“The system sells around 150,000 units per day; a number that rivals that of the PlayStation 4.”

So it makes sense that Tectoy (the manufacturing company) is putting the system back into full-production, although there are a few concerns here and there.

For one, the system only comes equipped with AV cables, which aren’t gonna work with any modern TV that only comes with HDMI capabilites. This isn’t a problem for Brazil however, since most people in the country are still using older television sets.

Secondly, they are attaching a roughly $138 price tag. Which can sound like a rough deal on what is essentially a piece of nostalgia, especially since it probably wont work on your TV. But the good news:

“It comes with 22 games pre-loaded into its internal memory and with an original three-button controller.”

So all things considered, it’s not really gonna burn a hole in your pocket for what you’re receiving. And with the advent of classic game-collection releases, and people taking nostalgia into their own hands via raspberry pi, it’s nice to see the company respond with a new release of an old favorite.

Although with it’s compatibility issues, it may be best left to Brazil.

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Source: Complex