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The Meower Rangers Are The Purrfect Crime Furters

Selin Kilic January 12, 2017 January 12th, 2017

It’s Meowphin Time!

90’s kids everywhere were pretty stoked when news broke that the Power Rangers were making a comeback with their latest film hitting theaters in March. As if things couldn’t get any more pawesome, they pulled off the most ingenious marketing stint that’s ever graced my eyeballs with the Meower Rangers! Seriously, can you think of anything more purrfect than morphing a combination of punny parodies, cats, and an old school (now new school??) teenage superhero group? I certainly can’t.

So if you’re in need of a pick me up – The Meower Rangers are here to save the day! The YouTube web series “The Mighty Morphin Meower Rangers”, posted by the Power Rangers, features five felines with serious “cattitude”. The elite force is played by a diverse cat cast (cats of several fur types are being represented), like the furtastic Ginger, who plays Kimpuuurly:


The beautifur Lola, who plays Trrrini:


Serial catnapper Billllly, played by Peanut:

The dappurr Gizmo, who plays Zzzzack:

And the leader of the pack Jassssson, played by Frankie:

And while, just like in the show, they appear to be nothing more than a group of furly normal teenagers:

When their mentor Zzzordon, who is sealed in an inter-bowlmensional time warp, needs them, they know it’s time for action:

Buuutt maybe after this catnap…I mean you can’t expect anyone to fight dastardly threats to animal kind on a belly full of chalupas:

But after that it’s MEOWPHIN TIME! And boy are they a purocious crew over at the catmand center:

Working together to get out of hairy situations, they are the true 2017 #squadgoals:

Watch as the Mighty Meowers purform their good deeds, defending their furry friends from PUR EVIL! Go Go Meower Rangers:

Source: Buzzfeed