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The Insanely Hyped GILMORE GIRLS Reunion Finally Has A Full Trailer [VIDEO]

Katie Cannon October 25, 2016 October 25th, 2016

Much has changed in the world since 2007: a time when scarf belts and Soulja Boy were things we enjoyed–a time before Donald Trump was a presidential nominee and actual clowns were terrorizing the American countryside.

We were so naive.

One thing that hasn’t changed? GILMORE GIRLS endless, rapid-fire banter. Or their obsession with food that medically speaking they should not be able to eat so much of without developing a severe cholesterol problem. Or even their love interests!

The only things that have changed, in the magical homespun world of Stars Hollow, are the pithy pop culture references sprinkled heavily throughout the aforementioned rapid-fire banter.

Oh, and Rory’s grandpa died. Which, I’ll warrant, is legimitately sad and real.

But you know what also is sad and real? The fact that it seems like Rory is still angsting over her HIGH SCHOOL boyfriends. Homegirl is 32 years old. She’s a capable, smart, YALE GRADUATE adult, and yet she’s still waffling over whether sexy rebel Jess is her soulmate. Relatable. But also: get your shit together, Rory.

Meanwhile, Lorelai is definitely in the midst of a midlife crisis and Lorelai’s mom somehow has not aged at ALL. GO, BITCH, GO. In all honesty, though, was this reboot necessary?

We saw Rory grow up into a lovely young adult over 7 years. We saw Lorelai grow up into a lovely adultier adult over 7 years. It was nice. It was a good show. But it ended when it needed to end. Was there any real reason for a reunion outside of sweet, sweet nostalgia dollars?

I know these are unpopular opinions, for which I’ll likely be internet-burned at stake. But at least you still have your 4-part reboot, which airs on Netflix November 25.


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