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The #GirlGaze Project Is Redefining Beauty With Photographs By Women, For Women

Katie Cannon November 10, 2016 November 10th, 2016

Featured image is “But Still, I’ll Rise,” by Amanda Bjorn, 27.


Fuck the male gaze & fuck the patriarchy.

In a beautifully curated gallery of photos depicting modern womanhood, The Girl Gaze Project is reclaiming the everyday portrayal of girls for and from the female perspective. Every photographer is a female-identified; their subjects are female-identified; their photos are nothing short of breathtaking.

With an all-woman curating team comprised of photographers, writers, artists, directors, and activists, the organization/project/movement strives to showcase female photographers’ work and help them forge future opportunities. Per the website:

Taking back the word girl, we are pushing back against the cultural projections and traditional gender roles imposed upon girls from the outside world, media and culture.

This is exactly the kind of intersectional feminism we need right now–one that understands and reflects the viewpoints of women of all races, shapes, and identities. So take a look at some of the amazing photos chosen by the project, and get your #girlgaze on:


It’s a multi-media effort, driving its message home with a LA exhibition, a print zine, and an Instagram account.

Check out more gorgeous photos on the Girl Gaze Project instagram.


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