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The Entire Internet Is Trolling Cracker Barrell For Firing Brad’s Wife

Katie Cannon March 31, 2017 May 1st, 2017

On Bradley Reid Byrd’s birthday, chicken ‘n dumplings magnate & kitschy rural retailer Cracker Barrel did the unthinkable:  they fired his wife.

Why? No one knows. Definitely not Brad, or his wife (and ex Cracker Barrel employee) Nanette, who had worked there for 11 freaking years before being terminated without explanation.

Seeking answers, Brad turned to Cracker Barrel’s Facebook page.

And all hell promptly broke loose.

At first it was simple affirmations of support, backing up Brad’s demands.

Then the tide of Internet favor turned toward the illustrious figure at the center of the mystery: Brad’s wife. She became a martyr of truly epic proportions.

And of course, fodder for brilliant memes.

Memes that leaked beyond the Internet, into the real world:

It even infiltrated Wikipedia:


Do we have answers? Still no.

But at the end of the day it’s nice to know that in the viral world we live in, people are still sticking up for the little guy.

And Brad’s wife.