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The Cutest Thing You’ll See All Week

Elizabeth Goldstein June 9, 2017 June 9th, 2017

A 93-year-old woman is getting married, and she has asked the internet for dress advice.

Back off Pippa Middleton, Sylvia Martin is 2017’s bride goals.

Martin went shopping for her wedding dress at Birdsnest, a bridal  store in Australia, where she tried on four stunning looks. And well, what bride isn’t a wee bit indecisive? The store owner posted the four ravishing red outfits on its Facebook page, asking the public to cast their votes. Please note the consistent necklace as a contrast for each dress. And consistent arm angling. Come on, she really knows what she’s doing.

How to choose???

Well first we have the Rita dress. It is timeless and flattering. Dressy, yet casual.

Next up is a floral printed dress, This pattern is bold and bright.

Then we have a delightfully elegant lace number.

Finally we have a super chic cape-style dress with a subtle little turtleneck.

In the post on Birdsnest’s Facebook, Sylvia writes she is marrying her longtime friend Frank in July. The two live in a retirement village. And apparently this is not the first time Frank has asked her to marry him (who could blame him?). The post says, “Sylvia has always refused, thinking that to take a new surname would be disrespectful to her deceased husband. A year ago, Sylvia took ill and moved to Canberra to be near her family, and Frank thought all hope was lost. When Sylvia recovered, she found Frank, who was living in Adelaide, and convinced him to move to Canberra to be with her. Frank arrived a couple of months ago and again and again asked Sylvia to marry him. Sylvia had learned that you can keep your own surname when you marry, and so said yes.”

Does this not give you hope for love…and that you will be rocking bold af outfits into your 90s? Share and comment your fav dress!

Source: Buzzfeed