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The Cumberbitch Has Spoken: SHERLOCK Season Four Likely To Be Its Last

Katie Cannon October 4, 2016 October 4th, 2016

Sherlock Holmes may be a genius–but we’re seriously hoping this particular deduction is bullshit.

Benedict Cumberbatch recently told GQ that the forthcoming season 4 may well be the last we get of SHERLOCK, at least for quite a while:

“It feels like the end of an era, to be honest. It goes to a place where it will be pretty hard to follow on immediately. We never say never on the show. I’d love to revisit it, I’d love to keep revisiting it, I stand by that, but in the immediate future we all have things that we want to crack on with and we’ve made something very complete as it is, so I think we’ll just wait and see. The idea of never playing him again is really galling.”

Unfortunately, as the sexy detective himself, Cumberbatch probably has pretty solid insight into the future of his character and the show at large;  SHERLOCK’s been a killer (if sporadic) hit for the BBC, and if it were up to the network, the series would likely continue endlessly in cinematic comebacks and Christmas specials. All of the show’s hiatuses thus far have been owed to Cumberbatch’s and Martin Freeman’s crazy-busy film careers, and those aren’t slowing down anytime soon; Cumberbatch’s DOCTOR STRANGE comes out in November, and Marvel’s absolutely franchising that shit. So who knows when the Oscar nominee’s schedule will free up enough to solve another mystery?

This could be the end, folks.

But much like the season3  finale, perhaps it could be that Sherlock’s only brutally hurting us now in preparation for a spectacular surprise mustachioed comeback years later!  Cumberbatch did say the idea of never returning to the character was “galling,” so he obviously isn’t over it yet (as we never will be), and showrunner Steven Moffat has also said that he’d be “mildly surprised” if the show never got around to season 5.

So there’s hope yet. But in case you’re still reeling in an existential pit from the news–um, here! Distract yourself with the season 4 trailer. It’ll be okay. Probably.

Via AV Club, Deadline