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The Creator of FULL HOUSE Just Bought The FULL HOUSE House

Katie Cannon December 2, 2016 December 2nd, 2016

San Francisco’s iconic FULL HOUSE house has just been reclaimed from whatever boring-ass non-Tanners tried to live their anonymous, comparitively empty lives in it by the man who made it famous: FULL HOUSE creator & producer Jeff Franklin.

Franklin bought the now nearly unrecognizable home for a cool $4.15 from another family of poor saps who thought a fresh coat of paint would disguise their house from Tanner-hunting tourists. Of course, the inside looks nothing like the sitcom set; the house was only used for exterior shots–and only once. The crew hasn’t been allowed to film the house since the initial stock shoot they did back in April of 1987, which they had to just re-use for the next 7 years.

But not anymore! Franklin not only welcomes FULL HOUSE fans to the domicile, he also obviously will allow filming for the new season of the show’s Netflix revival, FULLER HOUSE (which he also produces). Paint over the purple and reclaim that classic red door, and it’ll be just like old times.


Via AV Club, Slash Film