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The Colors you Need in Life According to this Computer

Zane Decker May 20, 2017 June 6th, 2017

One ambitious woman had a dream: what if computers could generate color names so professionals wouldn’t have to anymore? Okay it’s not her dream, but Janelle Shane loves to program neural networks to generate whatever she likes. From Metal band names to pick-up lines Janelle Shane seems to have done it all, or has she? This week she’s been tackling colors and the internet is going a bit nutty over it.

For this experiment she fed the neural network 7,700 Sherwin-Williams paint names along with their respective color. Neural networks learn much like you or I, they’re programmed to take in given data and find patterns. When a neural network learns patterns in a given dataset it could also output patterns based on what it learned. The first results were a bit out there.

Doesn’t make the most sense, but Janelle Shane was wondering what would happen at this point if she set the creativity function to max.

Janelle Shane says to the neural network “Hey bud, that’s cool and all, but let’s train you up!” The neural network sits down (can programs sit?) and starts really learning about color names and their RGB values. At this point the neural network starts to recognize what colors like red, white, and grey are! What a smart program wow !

I mean, y’know you can’t be right all the time…

Like anyone who’s just learn a new skill this program is eager to strut it’s knowledge and creativity. Let’s take a gander at all the wonderful colors it’s gone and made.

Incredible ! This program, or dare I say visionary, gives us just about any color we’d need and a very fitting name for it as well ! If you’re interested in doing a neural network of your own Janelle Shane uses char-rnn.